Who We Are

Muse Studio is one of the most pioneering and award-winning interior design firms in Hong Kong and Greater China. Originated in 1996 in London, we have been honorably selected by customers for completing over hundreds of projects in UK, China, Hong Kong and South Korea.


Year 2006 marked a milestone for the studio when the corporate operation was relocated to Hong Kong. The move serves to facilitate better growth momentum in one of the fastest-moving economic region in the world.

We are well recognized for our ability to amalgamate imagination with reality and our steadfast commitment to authenticity of design, innovation, sustainability and transparent service standard.

Our People

Over 20 years of experience could mean nothing if it cannot cope with the market development. We are keenly attuned to the pulse of changing industry trends governed by sophisticated customers through proactive participation in industrial competitions and exhibitions.

With a culturally diverse crew combined with extensive knowledge of the interior design industry, our design team is capable of accommodating aesthetic and practical values in every design project we present.

Our Methodology

There are no pre-established rules at Muse Studio. We are proud to say we make genuine design on each project to meet specific needs and conditions of our customers.

We believe a classy design rides on a thorough planning with all stakeholders. Step by step guidance with examples and conversation with customers allow the built-up of a consensus for us to work on.

Your satisfaction is always our pursuit and we endeavor every effort to ensure our refined design would be bound by your predetermined financial parameters thanks for a long established and trustworthy sourcing network.